Thank You, God, for Grandpa

No matter what you call him, there is nothing like the love between a grandpa and his grandchild! With whimsical rhymes and charming illustrations, Thank You, God, for Grandpa encourages little ones to treasure God’s special gift of grandfathers.

Grandpas and their grandchildren alike will love this heartwarming story that celebrates their sweet relationship.

Amy Parker’s children’s books have sold more than 800,000 copies, including two Christian Retailing’s Best award-winning books and the bestselling A Night Night Prayer. She lives outside Nashville with her husband and two children.

 Thank You God For Grandpa.jpg

I usually wait to post my reviews on Tuesday or Thursday, but I enjoyed this book so much that I couldn’t wait! I like reviewing children’s picture books because I babysit two little girls who are two and three years old.

This book was very well written. The pictures were very cute! Rosalinda Kightley, the illustrator, did a wonderful job! And, I just realized that Amy Parker also wrote Night, Night Farm. I reviewed that picture book a while ago and really enjoyed it! The two girls who I babysit also love Night, Night Farm.

Because it is a children’s book and meant for little kids, it is fine quality for children who still drool and “try” to rip things.

My favorite quote was “Thank You, God, for Grandpas, For Pops and Papas too, For Granddads, Gramps, and Grandpappies—They’re great, grand gifts from You!”

The cover is very cute. That is what caught my eye! It immediately sets the tone for the book! I am going to give it five stars!

The entire book was also very good! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Five stars as well! This is a great book for moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and a good ol’ babysitter (like me)!


Title: Thank You God, for Grandpa

Author: Amy Parker

Author’s Website:

Reading Resolution: #20


I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program.


This review is written in my own opinions and words.


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