About Me

I am just a regular, chocolate loving, teenage girl who believes in “once upon a times” and “happily ever afters.”
Most days you can find me reading, writing, baking, dreaming, painting my nails fancy colors, taking photos, or crushing on hot celebrities. Yeah, I have many hobbies, but you are probably wondering if I do anything active. Just so you know, yes, I am an active person. If you are a sports person, my favorite sport is tennis. I also love figure skating, even though I am not super good at it. I also am a big hockey fan. Who doesn’t like watching people skate around and hit a hockey puck at each other? Well, who doesn’t like that and watching the occasional fist fight? Everyday I wear a purple ‘off brand’ fit bit to count my steps. I don’t count calories. I am happy with who I am and what I look like. Though, sometimes I wake up and my hair is in a huge, literally, huge mess.
Sometimes, in the middle of a conversation I just drop off the planet of earth because I suddenly had an idea for a story or something like that. I love creating things–from desserts, to stories, to pictures. I dream day in and day out about everything between me and the sun–from my own Prince Charming to the color I should paint my nails next. Before you read on, I must warn you all of a thing or two. I love writing! So, some posts may go on and on forever because my fingers just can’t stop typing! That is why I re-read what I am about to post and edit it. So, now that I have said hi, I must turn the attention to a much more important factor of this blog. Books.
That was the very short biography of me.