31 Writing Prompts and What I Did with Them

Day 1:


Before I begin my Write 31 Days Challenge (http://write31days.com/), I have a few announcements to make. First things first, starting October 1st and ending October 31st, I will not be doing any book reviews unless I get a book from a publishing company and it is required. I will be only focusing on the Write 31 Days Challenge, unless for the exception I stated above.

Second, you probably already know what theme I will be focusing on for this challenge so I do not even need to state it. But, I will anyway. Throughout the next 31 days, each day, I will make up a writing prompt and then spend some time writing about that writing prompt–if that makes sense. The title of my challenge is 31 Writing Prompts and What I Did with Them.

Writers’ block is a writer’s worst enemy. My goal is to stop that. Even if you are not working on that certain important project, you will be writing somehow.

Some days my prompt will be a picture (because I absolutely love photography), a sentence, a word, or whatever I feel like (because I am random like that)!

And, I encourage all of you who are reading my blog and who like writing to totally post in the comments what you did with one of my prompts, if you use one at all!

Every day, I will write a new post as a part of my regular blog, but on this page (https://covertocoverandeverythinginbetween.wordpress.com/write-31-days-challenge-2016/) I will add my prompt every day so there will just be one big collection of the 31 prompts.  So instead of looking back through all of the other posts, there will be a page just for this challenge!

So, in short, I am ditching my reviews and adding my prompts. Get it? Got it? Good!

Enough about what I am going to be doing this month. I had better get started! Today is October 1st. May I just say…Let the challenge begin!

Writing Prompt One:

Once upon a time…

What I Did with It:

Once upon a time there were three little girls who lived in a big castle. They lived on a long road all by themselves. One day, they were really bored so they decided to go on an adventure. Slowly, the three girls walked outside. They heard something groaning a little ways away. They ran towards the noise, not knowing that it could be dangerous. But, what they found making the noise was a garbage truck. It was stuck in the mud, but it would not give up. So it kept trying and trying to get unstuck. The three girls decided that this was their adventure. They were supposed to help the garbage truck. Running around to the back of the truck, they each started pushing the garbage truck out of the mud. Inch by inch, push by push, the garbage truck became unstuck. Being so happy about being free, the garbage truck gave each girl a chest of gold. Each girl then thanked the wonderful truck and waved at it as it drove away. They lived happily ever after.

Okay, so, a little background about this writing prompt and what I did with it. I love fairy tales so I thought it would be cool to start my 31 writing prompts with how fairy tales start. And, just a little heads up, my last writing prompt on Day 31, will be “And they lived happily ever after.” But, back to what I did with the writing prompt. Just a few hours ago, I was babysitting two little girls. One of them had to take a nap so I had to read her a story. We couldn’t find an actual book so I decided to make one up. The above paragraph is the story I told her. I didn’t really expect to add a garbage truck into the story, but she kept saying ‘garbage truck’ so I just added one into the story!

Day 2:

What is the most common question that people ask you? This is not a trick question, by the way. Two of the most popular questions that I get asked is, “What is your name?” and “How old are you?” I honestly don’t understand why every body asks how old I am. The big question is, “How old do you think I am?”

Anyway, this writing prompt is not about your age. This prompt is about your name.

Writing Prompt 2:

What is your name and what does it mean? AND, if your name does not have a meaning, what do you think it should mean?

What I Did with It:

Well, time for the fun part! As many of you know, my name is Haley. Yes, my name is not spelled with an I or an extra L. Personally, I think my name is spelled the right and (should be) only way. Just kidding! Any way you spell your name is cool with me. Seriously.

Anyway, I looked up this question on Google: “What does the name Haley mean?” Here is what it came up with: “The name Haley is a baby girl name. The name Haley comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Haley is: Field of hay. Usually a surname.” (http://babynames.allparenting.com/list/American_Baby_Names/Haley/details/)

Honestly, people! You couldn’t come up with a better meaning for my name! Do you really think I am a field of hay? Then again, I absolutely love horses, so I don’t feel too bad. So honestly, I am totally fine with what my name means.

But, just for the fun of it, I will tell you what I think my name should mean. I am going to have some serious fun doing this!

I will even retype the question just to make sure you guys and gals know what I am talking about.

“What does the name Haley mean?”

Here is what I think it should say: “The meaning of the name Haley is: (here it comes!!!) a fabulous, awesome, gorgeous, creative, smart, and crazy person.”

So, what do you think? Which answer answers the question better?

Never mind! Don’t answer that question. I really don’t want to know.

Day 3:

Sorry for the boring blog post title. It isn’t really intriguing, is it? I don’t know what else I should use for the title of these posts. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Since I am big into writing, why not do a writing prompt about writing?!

Writing Prompt 3:

If you had the opportunity to write as a career, what would you write?

What I Did with It:

If you know me, you already know the answer. I absolutely love writing western romances. I am actually, currently attempting to write an inspirational romance novel–as well as thousands of other projects.

So, I would most definitely write romance.

But even though I like romance, I also have always wanted to write Young Adult. I mean, I am a young adult, and personally, it is hard to find good YA books or series. Trust me, I have found lots of good ones, but I can only read those so many times. So, I want to write my own YA novels!

Obviously, I do not just write romance in my books. I also add adventure, because, without adventure, my books and stories would be pretty boring. And I do not like boring books.

So, yeah! I like romance, young adult, and adventure stories.

To be honest, I could go on for years about this. (Because once you get me started on this topic, I don’t want to stop.)

I will stop now, though…

Good luck in whatever you are writing, if it is a journal, novel, poem, or anything in between!

Day 4:

Hmm, hmm, hmm. What should my writing prompt be for today?

Oh! I have it!

Writing Prompt 4:

If you were to be able to travel into one story–novel or movie or whatever you wanted, what would it be?

What I Did with It:

This is a super hard one for me. I honestly don’t know if I can decide. There are millions of stories I would love to travel into.

The first story I thought of when I wrote that writing prompt is The River of Time series. I absolutely love that series. It is one of my favorites! I really like the time period and story in general.

The next story I thought of is When Calls the Heart. I have read that series tons of times. Well, I have read that series and watched the TV show millions of times. (By the way, happy birthday, Daniel Lissing–AKA Jack Thornton from the TV show When Calls the Heart!!!)

As for a movie I would like to travel into, I think I would choose a fairy tale–Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or Maleficent. I absolutely love fairy tales!

So, I would choose historical adventure, inspirational romance, or a fairy tale!

Day 5:

Just today, I got a great comment. Linda Ann from the Nickers and Ink Poetry and Humor blog said that she loves to combine multiple writing prompt to create poetry. This comment inspired me to do a poetry prompt today.

Writing Prompt 5:

Write a poem about a different reality.

What I Did with It:

In a World of My Own

Reality spun around me as I opened my book;

People called my name but I did not hear a sound.

The words of the world were a chance I took,

But the heart of the story was what I found.

The sun rose brightly in the distant blue sky,

The rays of yellow light shone down on me,

The pink of the heavens chose to fly,

And the green of the earth was for all to see.

I was in a world that I could not comprehend

Full of magic and wonders and so many dreams.

This was finally where I could always pretend

To be what I wanted and to feel how right it seems.

Knights in shining armor fought for their loves,

Damsels in distress pleaded for their lives,

Peasants walked the streets, through bustles and shoves,

And kings and queens reigned, being royal and wise.

A flash of light awoke me from my trance;

I felt around me to see reality break free.

I was once again in the world not of chance,

But in the world where I had the key.

I had held the key many a times,

Though not realizing or believing it

Words could transport me to many finds

Of books and worlds, where my key would fit.

Actually, this poem is a poem that I entered into a poetry contest. Unfortunately, I did not place, but I still enjoyed writing this poem. So, yeah, yeah, this is an older poem, but still I am pretty proud of it. Sorry about the weird spacing. I am not sure how to fix that. Hope you still can read it!

Day 6:

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”

 Walt Disney

Writing Prompt 6:

What is something that you thought you could never do, and then suddenly, you did it?!


What I Did with It:

There is no doubt about it. I know my answer. I never thought that I would actually write a book. Sure it isn’t published or even close to being published, but it is still written. Actually, I am in the re-writing process. It is slow-going, but I am doing it.

But, seriously, I always dreamed about writing a novel, but I never thought that I actually could write it and stick with it until it is finished. My goal is exactly that. Well, to be honest, my goal is get it good enough to be published one day. So, the saying is true. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Day 7:

Just yesterday, I got a very awesome comment from Winter’s Falling Fast, a blog, (https://laurelwreath02.wordpress.com/). She asked if I had any “blurb” about my novel in progress. Well, I do, so I decided to do a writing prompt about it. This is something I absolutely love to do-think of a story and then write just a paragraph or “blurb” about it.

Writing Prompt 7:

So, what you can do with your imagination is create a story and then write a “blurb” about it. You know, like the back cover on a book? Write something that will make the reader want to read it! And, if you don’t want to do that, pick you favorite book and create your own “back cover blurb.”

What I Did with It:

My Novel’s Blurb:
Set in the 1870s, Olivia Marshall lives a normal life and is the epitome of routine. She never expects an adventure when she meets a mysterious man named Asher Crown. He has been running away from a group of bandits that he left and never wants to go back. When Olivia is kidnapped, he has no choice but to find his way back to the group to rescue her. The two never expected to fall in love…until their love is kidnapped.

So, what do you think? As I said before, I am still in the process of writing and re-writing. This whole thing may change, but for now it will stay like this.

And, just so you all know what I am talking about, I will do the other part of today’s writing prompt. I will write a “back cover blurb” for my favorite book. So, let’s see. What book?

Entwined by Heather Dixon:

Twelve sisters, twelve pairs of dancing shoes, a mysterious Keeper, and handsome suitors–adventure is bound to happen.

In this retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, twelve sisters find themselves trapped in a year of mourning. The sisters find it impossible to not dance because their mother loved it. They do not want to stop dancing because their mother passed away. So, every night, they travel to a hidden ballroom to meet the Keeper, a man who is bound to stay alive until he fulfills his deadly oath.

Then their father, the king, makes a proclamation. Whichever man who solves the mystery of the worn out dancing shoes may marry one of the princesses.

Filled with adventure, magic, and romance, this story is bound to entrance.

Day 8:

Well, since I am on a mini vacation, I have decided to do a vacation prompt!!!

Writing Prompt 8:

You are on the middle of nowhere. Big fields in every directions. Your car dies. What happens and what do you do?

What I Did with It:

“Seriously!” I groan and put my head on the steering wheel. I pull my cell phone put of my back pocket and look to see if I could call my dad. Nope. No signals.

I unbuckle and open up the car door. Looking up and down the paved road, I see no one coming in either direction.

“All right,” I say to myself and put my hands on my hips. I walk to the other side of the car and open up the passenger door. Searching through the glove box, I find the owner’s manual.

I do my best to find a ‘map’ of the engine. Opening up the front hood, I stare at the engine for a moment. I was totally lost.

I hear a car coming my way. I jump at turn around. The person waves at me and pulls over.

“Need help?” A girl looks at me through the window. “Car trouble?”

I nod, “Yes, please.”

She jumps out of her truck and walks to me. She holds out her hand. “Nice to meet you.” She smiles brightly. “And lucky for you, I know cars. My old baby has needed repairs many times.” She gestures to her truck. “What happened?”

“I don’t honestly know. My car just died.” I shrug.

“Mind if I look?” She points to the engine.

“Go ahead,” I take a step aside.

After a  few minutes, she fixs the car and the engine began running.

“Thank you,” I smile. “You are a life saving.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she shrugs. “I like to help out when I can.”

Day 9:

Well! I am back home now from my mini vacation! My seven hour car ride is what inspired me to create today’s writing prompt!

Writing Prompt 9:

What do you like to do when you are in car rides? Obviously, if you are not the driver.

What I Did with It:

Read and write. Those are my two favorite things to do during car rides. But, I also listen to book on CDs, as well as watch movies.

For this vacation, I mostly just listened to book on CDs with my Mom. My sister watched Star Wars 7. The three books that we listened to/partially listened to are From the Mixed-Up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler, The Secret of the Old Clock, and Mark of the Thief. Actually, we only had to finished From the Mixed-Up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg, so that only took about a half an hour. Next, we listed to The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene. Yes, you heard me right. We listened to the first and original Nancy Drew book. To be honest, it was pretty good. Actually, we listened to both of those books on our way to vacation. On our way back home, we listened to Mark of the Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen. We only listened to half of it, though, because it is, I think, eleven hours. So, we are on disk four! A good thing for me is that I have already read Mark of the Thief. My mom hadn’t so we decided to listen to it. Jennifer Nielsen rocks! I love her Ascendance Trilogy!

So, that is what I did for the trip up to my vacation this time. Many other times I have just read books or listened to music or watched movies.

What do you do?

Day 10:

Wow. Time has flown by. It seems like it was only yesterday and it was sunny and seventy-five. Now, it is October 10. That is just too weird.

Writing Prompt 10:

I am going to give you three words. Write a story/paragraph with those three words in it at least once. You can use them in any order, though.

  1. Fall
  2. Candy Corn
  3. Night

What I Did with It:

I was walking down the street, one fall night, and noticed a light on in the candy store. I squint in the darkness and try to see inside the building. The light was so dim that I couldn’t see anything but a blob of light. Considering it was almost midnight, I didn’t think that anyone would be working.

Not thinking, I knock on the candy store’s door. “Hello? Anybody in there?”

No one answered.

I slowly open the door. “Hello?”

Still no answer.

I walk in a few steps, leaving the door open if I need a quick escape.

Something or someone in the back room moves.

“Who’s there?” I walk more quickly towards the back room.

When I make it to the back room, I see the source of the light. It is a small battery-powered candle.

On the floor, a bag of candy corn sits there, opened and half eaten. I slowly look around the room. Someone had to be in there.

Suddenly, I hear footsteps coming towards me from the bathroom.


The person screams. “Who are you?”

The person was an old lady with gray hair.

“I could be asking you the same question,” I gasp.

The woman glares at me, and then I recognize her. She was the owner of the candy store.
“You,” I say. “You’re the owner.”

“Indeed I am,” she puts her hands on her hips. “Am I not allowed to come in my own shop and have some candy corn?”

“At midnight?” I ask, not believing what I was hearing.

“And who are you to judge me?” She raises her eye brows at me.

I shrug, “Sorry for this.” I gesture around me. “I thought you were being robbed.”

“On this fall night,” the lady snorts. “I doubt it.” She sits back down on the floor, picking up the bag of candy corn. “Care to join me?”

Day 11:

Magic trick time!!!

Writing Prompt 11:

Write about a time you have been to a magic show. What was your favorite trick? If you haven’t been to a show, what magic trick would you like to know how to do?

What I Did with it:

A few years ago, I actually put on my own magic show for my family. I had an outfit all planned out, I had all of my queues written out, and I even had two showings plus a rehearsal.

I had many tricks, and I am so sad that I don’t have it recorded for myself. Because, I mean, I was the magician, not the person watching the magician. I didn’t even know what I looked like.

There was one trick in particular that I remember. Actually, I still have some of my tricks memorized, but I am a little rusty. I still could impress you, though.

Anyway, this trick I called the “Mind Reader.” I literally could read someone’s mind. It was pretty awesome. My family liked it so much that they wanted me to do it again. I told them that if I got an encore, I would do it. Even then, they still didn’t know how to do the trick. I have never told anyone-that I remember. I will never forget that one trick.

So that is my story of being a magician. It was quite an experience, and I hope to always keep those skills in hand.

Day 12:

What to do today? Let me think. Oh, I know! I am going to do a picture! I love pictures!!!

Writing Prompt 12:

What do you think of when you see a fire?


What I Did with It:

The flames of the fire

Flickered in the night;

The wood grew dryer

As the flames grew in height

I was mesmerized by the dance,

And the flames flickered away.

The smoke rose at its chance,

Flying up in the sky in a haze.

I watched from dawn till day

Until the fire slowly blew out.

Even though it went away,

Time would give it a shout,

And it would come running back,

To begin again in its dance.

Day 13:

Writing Prompt 13:

What is your favorite thing to do in the fall and why?

What I Did with It:

There are many things I like to do in the fall, but my favorite thing to do is take pictures when the trees are colorful. I don’t know about you, but the colors (red, orange, green, yellow) mixed together are amazing.

When we were driving on our vacation, the trees were absolutely awesome. I so wish we could have stopped every few minutes just to take pictures of the trees. There was one tree that was awesome. It was red, yellow, orange, and green all mixed together. It was so cool. I have never seen something like it. And, don’t worry! I took a picture!

The picture doesn’t do it justice, though.

Day 14:

Sorry for the two posts today, but I think that it is worth it. Another giveaway is worth a lot of posts!!

Writing Prompt 14:

What is your favorite animal and why?

What I Did with It:

Actually, I have to say something. I am taking horse back riding lessons currently! I have been taking riding lessons for the past few months! That pretty much explains what my favorite animal is. I absolutely love horses. I have loved horses ever since I remember. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but I love horses.

My next favorite animal would have to be bunnies/rabbits. They are so cute! I would love to have one as a pet and actually house train it. That would be too cool!

Then, I have grown to love dogs. Only a year ago I was freaked out by them which is weird because I delivered papers and dealt with them almost every day. But now I love them and would love to have one as a pet!!!

Day 15:

Writing Prompt 15:

Write a poem about autumn!!

What I Did with It:

The trees are swaying;

The leaves are falling.

Summer is leaving;

Winter is coming.

Sandals are packed away;

Boots are coming out.

Summer is leaving;

Winter is coming.

Hot air is out of style;

Cool air is caving in.

Summer is leaving;

Winter is coming.

Flowers are withering;

Icicles are growing.

Summer is leaving;

Winter is coming.

What is between summer and winter?

What gets us ready for the change?

Summer is leaving;

Winter is coming.

We are in autumn,

The colorful season

For summer is leaving,

And winter is coming.

Day 16:

Okay, so write now I am in a TV series kick. So! I decided to do a writing prompt about it!!!

Writing Prompt 16:

What is your favorite TV series?

What I Did with It:

Oh, boy, this is a hard one. Actually, no it isn’t. There is no doubt about it. My favorite TV series is…AHHH! I don’t know. But, I have a two favorite TV series!

When Calls the Heart and Merlin are my top two favorite shows. I absolutely love them! Actually, the fourth season of When Calls the Heart will start showing in December/New Year, not sure the exact day. But I can not wait!!!

As for Merlin, it is not showing any more. I am so sad about that. But still, I will definitely be watching this series for as long as I live!!!

Reasons I love both of these shows:

#1. The plots are amazing

#2. The characters are AMAZING!!!

(Unofficial reason) #3. Some of the actors are hot!!!

So, there you go! Those are my two favorite TV shows!

Day 17:

Writing Prompt 17:

What kinds of items fill your bookshelf?

What I Did with It:

Books, books, and more books. Yup! That is pretty much it. My sisters and I share a room, and since we all love books, our bookshelf covers pretty much a whole wall. It is sweet!

The books that are on the bookshelf only include our favorites, or ones we thought were worth buying. I check a lot of books out from the library because why buy a book if you don’t think it is good?!

The bookshelf also includes some little decorations, such as boxes full of random things, a piano jewelry box, and some other random stuff.

It is really funny because a lot of the books on our bookshelf are either by Lori Wick or Janette Oke. Sure, there are a lot of other authors sitting up on the shelves, but it just seems like they have the most.

Every so slowly, I have been adding to my collection of books on the shelf. The books that I bought most recently included A Match Made in Texas, Catching Katie, A Tailor Made Bride, and a few others.

Day 18:

Writing Prompt 18:

Think of the last movie you saw. Write a review on it.

What I Did with It:

I have to admit it. The last movie that I watched was a Hallmark movie. Yes, yes, I know. You are probably thinking that I am the weirdest person on earth because I watch Hallmark movies. But, to be honest, I love Hallmark movies! They are so cheesy, but they are so sweet!

Anyway, for my review, I am going to write it just like my book reviews. Got it? Good!

All My Heart

So this is a movie I had to get from the local movie stores. I was skimming the shelves for a cover that said “Hallmark.” Finally, after a bunch of minutes of searching, I found one! It was one I had never watched before or watched the preview before.

I really liked it! It was so cute!

And Gabby the goat was hilarious! I loved her! It was especially funny after I helped with a petting zoo with a Billy goat.

I have to say something to all those who have watched this movie and who are Marvel fans. Didn’t the main guy look like Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk? I thought he did. And he doesn’t look the Banner on the picture above.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this movie. I think it would be one I would watch again, but then again, I would watch pretty much any Hallmark movie more than once.

I am not going to rate the movie’s cover, but I am going to rate the movie.

I would have to give it four stars. It is on my top Hallmark movie favorites list. (It isn’t above A Crown for Christmas, though!) But, yes, if you are a cheesy movie fan, totally watch this movie!

Day 19:

Writing Prompt 19:

Do you prefer to read electronic books or paper books? Why?

What I Did with It:

It honestly does not matter with me. I can read using e-books or paper books. It really depends on my mood. Do I want to feel the book in my hand, or do I want to read the words on the screen? Get it?

E-books are good because they don’t take up space. But, I can be reading like five books at a time and it only takes the space of my Kindle. Is that awesome or what?
But as I said, it is pretty awesome to have the actual book in your hand!! It also looks wonderful on your bookshelf while a Kindle is just a Kindle.

Either way, it is fine by me. As long as I can read, I am happy!

Day 20:

Writing Prompt 20:

What book or book series did you wish would continue when you were done reading it?

What I Did with It:

It took me a minute or two to think of what my answer would be. I wasn’t sure at first, but now I am pretty positive.

My answer is When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke. And, no, I am not talking about those new books coming out, the books after the main four. I am talking about the good ol’ original When Calls the Heart Saga. Those four books are absolutely amazing. Everything about it I loved. And, speaking of When Calls the Heart, I totally need to do a book review on the series! I have talked about it so much that I might as well review it for you too! You can probably already guess my rating though!

Anyway, When Calls the Heart has a wonderful ending. Don’t get me wrong. I love it. I just think it would be awesome do one more book or two about Elizabeth and Wynn.

Day 21:

 Writing Prompt 21:

What was the last thing you read, heard, or saw that inspired you?

What I Did with It:

It actually is the weirdest thing. My sisters, Mom, and I like to hike to waterfalls when we are vacation. So the biggest thing that I saw that inspired me was a waterfall. Don’t get me wrong. There a millions of things that inspire me.

I will tell you the one that just inspired me and the one inspired me a lot.

The one that inspired me a lot was a waterfall. My sisters, Mom, and I stopped at a roadside park to see a small waterfall. I saw it and it was like “Boom!” That waterfall inspired a whole chapter of my book! Literally!!

The thing that I was just inspired by was a picture. I was doing a family picture session for my neighbors. The fall colors are amazing right now! So I took a picture of a really red tree. It inspired a poem! I will have to post the poem sometime…

Day 22:

Writing Prompt 22:

What is your favorite holiday, and what do you love about it?

What I Did with It:

As I thought about this, I realized that over ALL holidays, Christmas is the one I am most excited about. I love it because everyone gets together, usually. Also, it is a very pretty holiday. Setting up the tree is a once in a year thing. And each year, I have to think about what presents t give to whom and if I should do a theme or everything random. I thik my favorite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning. We all go downstairs and listen to A Christmas Carol. Then, the kids all set up sleeping bags and sleep! I usually am the one to get up the earliest, except for my younger sister. Then we sit around the tree, read the Christmas story, and then…present time! This does not usually have a certain time. Some year is it short and some long. But there is the seeing of the people opening up their presents or jokes getting passed around. And, it is Jesus’ birthday! Those are the reasons I LOVE Christmas.

The “What I Did with It” was actually written on December 27, 2015!!

Day 23:

Writing Prompt 23:

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

What I Did with It:

There are many ways I like to spend my days off. It depends on my mood, really. If you mean a lazy, lazy day, then I love reading books or watching movies. But, if you mean a normal day off, I love doing photo shoots.

Reading and watching movies are no-brainers. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Actually, I am currently reading a Lauraine Snelling book, which I will be reviewing once I finish it.

And, I watched a movie (actually two movies) last night. My family and I watched Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2. Because I live in a large family, that movie was especially hilarious. True, I don’t have eleven siblings. I have seven. And a total of ten people in my family. Plus two sister in laws!

As for the photo shoots, they are just awesome! My sisters and I actually did one yesterday!

Day 24:

Writing Prompt 24:

I am going to do another writing prompt like Day 10. This time, though, I am going to give you five words that you have to put in a story or poem.

Here are the words:

  1. Books
  2. Coffee
  3. Chocolate
  4. Favorite
  5. Blanket

What I Did with It:

Saturday Afternoon:

I curled up on the couch

With my warm cup of coffee.

I closed my eyes,

And wrapped my hands around the cup.

I reached towards my shelf

That held books upon books

And took my favorite novel

To re-read yet again.

The hours passed by.

‘Till I finished my book.

The pages were worn out

And the cover was ripped.

It wouldn’t do to just sit around

And eat heavenly chocolate all day,

But, curled beneath a blanket,

With pillows surrounding me,

I kept doing what I was doing

Because it was a Saturday afternoon.

Day 25:

Wow! I can’t believe there are only seven more days until Halloween. That is just too weird. And, I can’t believe there are only 13 more days until my birthday. And, I can’t believe there are 61 more days until Christmas. I AM SO EXCITED!!! (If you can’t tell). Anyway, all these countdowns inspired this writing prompt.

Writing Prompt 25:

When is a time that you have been super excited about something? A birthday? A holiday? When?

What I Did with It:

There are lots of times when I am excited. There is no doubt about that. I get excited a lot, if you honestly can’t tell. And, let’s be real, I am sure you all know I am sometimes a little crazy when I get excited about things. Like when I said 61 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

It wasn’t Thanksgiving. It wasn’t my birthday. And it wasn’t exactly Christmas. It was the shopping for Christmas.

Most people might think that because I am a teenager I would be lazy and save my Christmas shopping until last minute. Nope. That is definitely not me. I am already planning all my Christmas shopping. Because, I have a big family; I have to plan early. But, I can’t write about a certain year. It is every year. As you know from one of my earlier writing prompts, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I wrote why in the What I Did with It. But, the times when I am most excited during the Christmas season (besides Christmas Eve) is when I am starting my Christmas planning. It is just so fun to plan what I am going to get people. Every year, I want to start my shopping way to early. The only reason I can’t is because I share a room with my two sisters (so basically nothing can be hidden). So, I have to wait until we have our tree up so I can wrap the presents right away and put them under the tree.

So, yeah, I rambled, but I don’t care.

And, another thing I am excited for is…putting our Christmas tree up! (We are going to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving!) Yay!

Day 26:

Writing Prompt 26:

Describe your favorite article of clothing. Yes, shoes count.

What I Did with It:

The reason I said shoes count is because flip flops are my favorite article of “clothing.” I practically live in them during the summer. If I could, I would wear flip flops year round. I also love cowboy boots! I have an awesome pair of teal boots!

As for clothing where shoes don’t count, shorts would be my next favorite. I live in those too during the summer. I love my sweatshirts, though, during the winter.

So, yeah, I don’t really have a favorite article of clothing, just favorite types of clothing. Oh, and, by the way, that picture is of me!

Day 27:

Since I just went shopping, I decided to do a shopping prompt!

Writing Prompt 27:

Do you like shopping? For clothes? For regular food?

What I Did with It:

Yes, I do like shopping. I like shopping for clothes and for regular food. Call me strange; I don’t care. I am a weird person, and I know it.

Well, I like shopping for clothes, but only if I am shopping for myself. I mean, I sometimes don’t even buy clothes. I just like trying them on! It is the best thing. I mean, find a cute shirt, skirt, or something and just try it on. You will love it!

As for food, I like shopping for the “fun” stuff, especially around the holidays. Whenever we are doing sugar cookies or having an ice cream party or anything like that, shopping is amazing!

Besides, it gives me the exercise!

So, yes, in short, I love shopping!

Day 28:

Writing Prompt 28:

What is your personality “color?”

What I Did with It:

Here is the list of colors and what they are:

  • Red: Red personality color suggests strong will, ambition and energy.
  • Blue: Blue personality color suggests a tendency to having a fixed set of principles and desire to live according to these principles. It is also a peaceful personality type.
  • Green: According to color psychology, people with strong preference for green strive for safety, security and acknowledgement. They need to love and be loved.
  • Yellow: People with this personality type are perfectionists and dreamers.
  • Brown: “Brown” people enjoy simple life and it’s good friends and close relationships what makes them happy.
  • Black: Black color personality is independent and strong-willed.
  • White: White personality type is about looking for simplicity, openness and purity. This is a very confident personality type.


I would have to say my colors would be yellow or black.

I am a big dreamer. I daydream practically every day. I also am sometimes a perfectionist. I like my room to be clean, which is hard since I share my room with my sisters. I also like my clothes and stuff to be organized! Yes! And, I like to get things right!

I am also independent and strong-willed. I like doing it my way and my way only. But, I can put on a good fake and pretend to do otherwise. Don’t tell anyone!

Day 29:

Writing Prompt 29:

If you could go to one place in the world, where would it be?

What I Did with It:

I have always thought that it would be cool to go to Europe. I mean, it would be totally awesome to go sight-seeing. And believe me, I would take millions of pictures. Okay, not millions, but I bet it would be close. I think the best part about it would be seeing the castles. Europe, for some reason, has a ton of awesome castles!

I also think it would be awesome to go to Texas or New York. Why both of those states? I honestly don’t have a reason why. Those are just two states that I have always wanted to go to.

I also think it would be awesome to go to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. That would be one of the best vacations! Especially since I love Disney movies and Harry Potter!

Day 30:

Wow! Tomorrow is the last day of this challenge. I honestly cannot believe it. It seems like I was just starting this challenge a few days ago.

Writing Prompt 30:

What kind of recipes do you gravitate towards? Desserts, casseroles, drinks?

What I Did with It:

This writing prompt is to everyone who likes writing as well as cooking or baking. Personally, I love baking. I “gravitate” towards anything “fun.” I love to bake cakes, cookies, cupcakes, bread, and everything in between!

I honestly don’t know which type of dessert is my favorite. I mean, bread isn’t dessert, but I make this awesome coffee bread. I cannot claim the recipe as my own, though. I got it from my Great Grandma Elma.

I don’t get to make cakes that often. Well, I make a cake for every birthday. And, my birthday is in only eight days! So, I get to make a cake very soon! I still don’t know, though, if I am going to do a cake or a cupcake for my birthday. Maybe half and half–a round cake and a dozen cupcakes.

Cookies are just amazing. I don’t think anyone can disagree with me on that.

Day 31:

You had it coming. You knew you did!

Oh, and by the way, Happy Halloween!


Writing Prompt 31:

Finish your paragraph or story with…

“And they lived happily ever after.”


What I Did with It:

I didn’t know how my life ended this way. It was truly amazing as well as surprising. I never would have thought that I would end up this way.

I started as a pauper and am now a princess.

I married the man I loved, instead of being forced to marry a man I hated.

Instead of ruling our kingdom with fear, we ruled our kingdom with love.

Together we brought peace among our neighboring kingdoms.

For the rest of our days, we laughed, loved, and lived to our fullest.

And, you know the rest…

We lived happily ever after.



I’ll miss you all! Thank you all for joining me in this challenge!