The Captivating Lady Charlotte

Responsibility, romanticism, and true love…

As the daughter of the Marquess of Exeter, Lady Charlotte Featherington always knew she was destined for great things on the marriage mart. Little did she imagine falling in love with a man on the eve of her parents announcing her betrothal – to someone else.

William Hartwell might be a Duke, but he suspects neither his title nor wealth will prove enough to hold the heart of the young lady who has captured his. The scandal surrounding his first wife’s death makes trusting again difficult, while the mysterious happenings at his ancestral home, Hartwell Abbey, seek to separate before they are wed.

How can a young Lady negotiate her future when her heart demands the opposite of duty?  Can they both learn to truly love from the legacy of Grace?

The Captivating Lady Charlotte

You know what? I hate to say this (because I am always saying don’t judge a book by its cover) but it was the cover that intrigued me to read this book. It is just so…elegant that I had to read the synopsis and sign up for this blog tour.

So, here I am, reviewing this book. And, there you are, waiting to see what I rating I give it.

Anyway, this book is a very well-written story of the regency era. I haven’t read to many stories in the regency era, just a few. This one did not disappoint. I am going to definitely keep reading more of Carolyn Miller’s books!

I do have to say one thing. I was confused with the characters at some points. They were called some many different “titles” that I had a tough time keeping track with who was who. That only took away a little bit of the story. Because, as I was trying to read more into the plot, I was still trying to figure the characters. That was the only down fall for me. Everything else was wonderfully written.

Carolyn Miller is a wonderful author. There were some parts where I just wanted to cry and some parts I wanted to squeal. She wrote a mix of everything, which was great!

The cover, as I said earlier, is very, very, elegant. I just love it. I am going to give it 5 stars! And, I must tell you what it reminds me of. Have any of you watched the 2009 BBC version of Emma? If you have, this cover reminds me of the scene where she is watching Mr. Knightly walk through the gardens towards the house, and then she waves at him. Do you remember that scene? Because that is so what the cover reminds me of!

The story itself I am going to give 4 stars. Due to the fact that the characters were a bit confusing, I unfortunately have to dock it 1 star. But I still definitely recommend this story to fans of the regency era and fans of Kristi Ann Hunter! I cannot wait to read the other stories in this series!


Title: The Captivating Lady Charlotte

Author: Carolyn Miller

Author’s Website:

Reading Resolution: #37


I received this book from Kregel Publications ( for this review.

This review is written in my own opinions and words.


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