A Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding

Everyone longs for a place to be loved and accepted, warts and all. And Coldwater Cove has its share of warts! But while this cozy corner of the world is home to just about anyone who wants to put down roots, the way has been barred to Michael Evans.
Mike’s dad saw to that some ten years ago when he ordered him to leave town and never come back. But when Michael learns his mother is battling breast cancer, not even the animosity between him and his father can keep him away. Of course he didn’t figure on getting roped into being best man at his sister’s upcoming wedding, but as long as Michael’s back in town, he figures he’s got a second chance with the girl who got away—Heather Walker.
Long-legged Heather has had a love/hate relationship with the town bad boy ever since he christened her “Stilts” in middle school. She was voted most likely to succeed. Michael seemed destined for the state pen. Even so, she hopes there’s more to him than leathers and a Harley, for his family’s sake if nothing else. But while her fascination with him grows, a decade-old secret involving a member of her family threatens to tear them apart…

Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding

This is the second book in the Coldwater series, and I am very impressed. Honestly, I can’t even decide which book I like better…The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club or A Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding. Because both were very good.

When I started this book at ten o’clock at night, I realized that it was a stupid idea. Why was it so stupid? Because I didn’t want to put it down. And, I may have been up quite late reading. You don’t even want to know how late.

You do not have to read The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club in order to enjoy this book. But, it may be helpful to understand the side characters just a little bit more.

Before I write anymore, I must stop in my tracks to thank Lexi Eddings for sending me this book for review. If you didn’t remember, she also sent me the first book to review as well. She is a great person!

Now, the cover is so pretty. It drew me in the moment I saw it. I am giving it 5 stars. Everything about it romantic and charming.

I am going to give this book 5 stars too. It definitely deserves it. I would, without a doubt, read this book again. And, I think you all would enjoy it too!


Title: A Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding

Author: Lexi Eddings

Author’s Website: https://lexieddings.blogspot.com/p/mainpage.html


This review is written in my own opinions and words.


To read my review of The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club, click here: The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club

Oh! Look what I found! I was so excited when I saw this…and I am still excited! A Coldwater Warm Hearts Christmas will be released sometime in October of 2018! I can’t wait! I wonder who will be the main character in this book!


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