Every Storm

New from Lori Wick, this stand-alonestory shows how unexpected changes can set the perfect course for love.

1945, WWII–When Lieutenant Donovan Riggs experiences trouble with his PT boat, the sailors of Every Storm make an unscheduled stop…and a surprising discovery.

Lorraine Archer is an American teacher living and working in Australia. While on a flight with her sister, her daydreams are disrupted by the sounds of the plane going down. Lorri ends up alone on a deserted island in the Pacific. And just when she loses all hope of being found…Donovan and his crew arrive.

Neither Donovan nor Lorri suspect that their encounter is the beginning of something very certain…a future not left to chance, but to faith.

Every Storm

Time to talk about one of my favorite books of all times! A long time ago, I said that I really needed to do a review on this book. Well, I finally am doing it!

This was my second Lori Wick book. I fell in love with it immediately. I remember my first time reading it. I did not want to get up. Nope, I think I was reading for hours upon hours. I think I have read this book a total of…probably between ten or twenty times…over a couple years, of course!

The first half of the story, to be honest, is very sad. Then, it gets less-so during the second part. But, overall, the entire novel was wonderfully written.

I think, at the time I first read it, I was sure that I had found the perfect guy. Riggs was like my first fictional crush. He was quite amazing.

The cover is super duper pretty. I am giving it 5 stars. I mean, it just fits the style of the book.

This book definitely deserves 5 stars. I would recommend this book to any historical and inspirational romance fans. Actually, I would recommend any of Lori Wick’s books! A few of my favorites, other than this one, are Whatever Tomorrow Brings, The Hawk and the Jewel, and Wings of the Morning.


Title: Every Storm

Author: Lori Wick


This review is written in my own opinions and words.


If you like this book you should definitely check out Sarah Sundin for her books. My personal favorite, for now is When Tides Turn. Check out my review here: When Tides Turn


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