The Book with No Pictures

A book with no pictures?
What could be fun about that?
After all, if a book has no pictures, there’s nothing to look at but the words on the page.
Words that might make you say silly sounds… In ridiculous voices…
Hey, what kind of book is this, anyway?
At once disarmingly simple and ingeniously imaginative, The Book With No Pictures inspires laughter every time it is opened, creating a warm and joyous experience to share–and introducing young children to the powerful idea that the written word can be an unending source of mischief and delight.

Book with No Pictures 2.jpg


A children’s book without any pictures. Yup, you saw that right. And, kids love it! For it became a #1 New York Times bestseller!

I liked this book! It was really fun to read! And yes, I even read it to myself. Why? You ask. Well, I am a book reviewer (a crazy book reviewer at that!) and I read every type of genre that has been created. I can’t say I enjoy them all, but I try to be well-rounded as a reader! This story, though, I most definitely did enjoy!

Children will love this book! The reader will have to say funny words aloud, and the kids will laugh their way through this short little book.

The cover says it all. It is a basic book cover, with nothing but words! It plainly states that this book is the book with no (absolutely zilch!) pictures. I am going to give it 5 stars. I mean, this is the plainest cover that I have ever seen—a white background and black words. That is okay with me!

I would definitely recommend this book to adults and kids alike! Both will enjoy reading it, either to themselves or aloud! I am giving 5 stars to The Book with No Pictures!


Title: The Book with No Pictures

Author: B.J. Novak

Reading Resolution: #9


This review is written in my own opinion and words.


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