Happy Blogiversary!!!


Wow!!! I cannot believe it! Cover to Cover and Everything In Between turns one year old today! Yup, one year ago today, I wrote my first post. It wasn’t my first book review; it was just a basic post. I wrote my first book review only a day or two later. Now I have written a total of 145 posts! Today’s post is my 146th! That is a ton!

Now, I have sixty-four followers! Can you believe that? You all are absolutely awesome, and I want to thank you all for following my blog. I mean, you all have to be pretty fabulous to take a chance on my blog!

And, thank you also to all of my visitors and viewers! Overall, I have had 4,409 views and 1,243 visitors! I am so excited! When I first started, I would never have believed that I would get that many views and visitors.

To be honest, at first, when I started this blog, I did it because I wanted to simply review books, for myself and for publishing companies. I never thought that in only one year, I would have had so many people reading and visiting my blog.

It wasn’t just me, though. I do have to say that. It was seven wonderful ladies (and counting!) whom I interviewed! If you would still like to see the interviews (unfortunately, the giveaways are still not opened), just type the word interview into the search bar on the right. All seven of those ladies took a chance on my blog, by saying yes to an interview. They helped share and get the word out about my blog.

You may already know this, but in honor of my blogiversary, I started a Facebook page for my blog. Now you can see my posts by simply scrolling through Facebook, instead of checking your email! Here is the link to my Facebook page: My Blog’s Page

Likes and Shares are appreciated very much!

As a thank you and celebration of this blogiversary, I am going to do something special! Can you guess what it is? A giveaway! Yup, you got it…well, not exactly. I am going to be doing three giveaways! Throughout the next month, I will be posting two more interviews and giveaways. Will I tell who I am doing the interviews with? Nope! You will just have to wait and see!


This week, I am going to be giving away a hardcover copy of The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson. I have reviewed many of her books, including The Silent Songbird. To see all of my reviews of books by her, simply search Melanie Dickerson in the search bar to the right.

Click here to enter the giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winner is…Rachel S. Congratulations, Rachel! I will email you immediately.

Thank you to everyone else for entering this giveaway! (And remember, there are still two more giveaways coming up very soon!)


The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson

Evangeline longs to be free, to live in the world outside the castle walls. But freedom comes at a cost.
Evangeline is the ward and cousin of King Richard II, and yet she dreams of a life outside of Berkhamsted Castle, where she might be free to marry for love and not politics. But the young king betroths her to his closest advisor, Lord Shiveley, a man twice as old as Evangeline. Desperate to escape a life married to a man she finds revolting, Evangeline runs away from the king and joins a small band of servants on their way back to their home village.
To keep her identity a secret, Evangeline pretends to be mute. Evangeline soon regrets the charade as she gets to know Wesley, the handsome young leader of the servants, whom she later discovers is the son of a wealthy lord. But she cannot reveal her true identity for fear she will be forced to return to King Richard and her arranged marriage.
Wesley le Wyse is intrigued by the beautiful new servant girl. When he learns that she lost her voice from a beating by a cruel former master, he is outraged. But his anger is soon redirected when he learns she has been lying to him. Not only is she not mute, but she isn’t even a servant.
Weighed down by remorse for deceiving Wesley, Evangeline fears no one will ever love her. But her future is not the only thing at stake, as she finds herself embroiled in a tangled web that threatens England’s monarchy. Should she give herself up to save the only person who cares about her? If she does, who will save the king from a plot to steal his throne?

 Blogiversary Cover Photo


20 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary!!!

  1. Heidi Robbins says:

    Happy blogiversary! Congratulations! It goes fast, doesn’t it? My blogiversary is in July and we’re always on vacation so I haven’t done anything to celebrate so far. Maybe for my fifth year 😉 Here’s a question for you- what’s your favorite genre?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haley J.S. says:

      Totally! My favorite genre? Well, that definitely is a difficult question. I would have to say that I absolutely love adventure romance. So, adventure and romance mixed together!!!


  2. Pam K. says:

    Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for having the book giveaway. I always enjoy Melanie Dickerson’s books. My questions for you are: Do you like to read only certain genres or do you like to stretch yourself by reading a wide variety? Do you think this will change as you grow older?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haley J.S. says:

      I usually try to read a variety of genres, but that doesn’t always happen. The thing that happens on this side of the computer is “genre kicks” (or that is what I call them)! A genre kick is a period of time when I am really into a certain genre and read a ton of books in that genre. Currently, I am not in one of those kicks. (I am sure it will happen soon, though!) But sometimes I am really into westerns…or perhaps historical romances. It really depends!
      I definitely think it will change as I get older. I am not sure How much, but if you keep track of my blog, you can see for yourself! 🙂


    • Haley J.S. says:

      I actually started blogging because..first things first, I love writing. It is one of my favorite hobbies! But, I just wanted to share my opinions of books that I read! My sister in law also writes a book blog, and when she told me about hers, I knew I had to try it out! And, here I am! 🙂


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