Mark of the Thief Trilogy

Mark of the Thief:

When Nic, a slave in the mines outside of Rome, is forced to enter a sealed cavern containing the lost treasures of Julius Caesar, he finds much more than gold and gemstones: He discovers an ancient bulla, an amulet that belonged to the great Caesar and is filled with a magic once reserved for the Gods — magic some Romans would kill for.
Now, with the deadly power of the bulla pulsing through his veins, Nic is determined to become free. But instead, he finds himself at the center of a ruthless conspiracy to overthrow the emperor and spark the Praetor War, a battle to destroy Rome from within. Traitors and spies lurk at every turn, each more desperate than the next to use Nic’s newfound powers for their own dark purposes.
In a quest to stop the rebellion, save Rome, and secure his own freedom, Nic must harness the magic within himself and defeat the empire’s most powerful and savage leaders.

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Rise of the Wolf:

A powerful amulet. A vengeful goddess. A deadly quest.
Nic may have escaped enslavement in the mines outside of Rome, but his troubles are far from over. The Praetor War—the battle to destroy Rome from within—is in full force, and Nic is caught in the crossfire. The secretive Praetors are determined to unlock a powerful amulet—one sure to bring the empire to its knees. Worse, the Praetors believe Nic holds the key to finding this amulet, and they will stop at nothing to steal it, even if that means harming the people Nic holds most dear.
When the Praetors capture Nic’s mother, Nic knows he must do anything to save her. He challenges the Praetors to a chariot race. If he wins, they will release his mother. But if he loses, he must hand over a magic that will certainly destroy Rome and end his own life. Can Nic once again harness his magic and gather the strength to defeat his enemies? Or will he lose his mother and bear witness to Rome’s destruction?

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Wrath of the Storm:

Trouble has a way of seeking out Nicolas Calva, and it’s not likely to leave him alone any time soon. With Caesar’s magic bulla, the Malice of Mars, and the possibility of a Jupiter Stone in play, all the powers of Rome are circling Nic. He’ll have to maneuver his way through scheming government officials and reawakened magical beasts to save the Empire. Can he manage to keep his friends and family safe, claim his own freedom once and for all, and rescue the Empire — before the magic gets the better of him?
With twists and turns on every page, critically acclaimed author Jennifer Nielsen weaves an epic, action-packed conclusion to her extraordinary Mark of the Thief trilogy.


I just finished Wrath of the Storm, the third and final book in the Mark of the Thief Trilogy, so I decided to write a review of the trilogy as a whole, instead of doing one book at a time.

I really, really enjoyed this trilogy. It was super good!

I have to be honest though. I wasn’t really drawn into the series when I read the first book, Mark of the Thief. It may have been because I was still getting over how awesome the Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen was. Honestly, the Ascendance Trilogy is like the best trilogy ever! (Review coming soon.)

Anyway, back to the Mark of the Thief Trilogy, as the series went on, I got more intrigued. Rise of the Wolf was good, too, but, still, I wasn’t super duper intrigued. Finally, when I read, Wrath of the Storm, I was SO intrigued. I couldn’t put it down! The series was like an upside-down pyramid. It kept getting better/bigger as it went on. All of the characters were really cool. Nic was absolutely awesome! I loved his sarcastic humor; it was the best!! So, pretty much, I may have found a new fictional crush. (Yup, let’s put him on my never-ending list!)

The covers are all really cool. As soon as you look at them, you are intrigued and you immediately want to find out what the book is about. I will give all three covers together 4 stars!

I will also give the Mark of the Thief Trilogy 4 stars. This trilogy is definitely worth the read!


Title: Mark of the Thief Trilogy

Author: Jennifer A Nielsen

Author’s Website:

Reading Resolution: #17


This review is written in my own opinions and words.


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