Home on the Range

A cowboy romance with a heart of gold, in Home on the Range author Ruth Logan Herne returns readers to the Double S Ranch where God and family are first, but love is certain to follow the Stafford menfolk. Nick made all the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons. His father had failed at marriage and fatherhood. Nick was determined to show him up. He’d be a better husband, better father and a better ranch manager than Sam Stafford ever hoped to be. But Nick’s wife Whitney hated the ranch and she walked out on Nick and their two beautiful daughters three years ago. For a long time Nick pretended everything was fine and when his stubborn nature is finally challenged by trouble with his young girls, he’s faced with the changes he should have made long ago. Psychologist Dr. Elsa Andreas had a thriving family therapy practice, a school commission, a good life, but tragedy pushes Elsa to walk away from her life. Three years later, she’s tucked herself in the backwoods of Gray’s Glen. When her sister encourages her to help Nick Stafford’s daughters, Elsa takes a chance. But Nick’s ex-wife comes back to town, threatening the girls’ newfound stability. Can Nick find the forgiveness and Else the courage to build their own “Home on the Range”?

Home on the Range.jpg

I wanted to review this book because I have reviewed the first book in the series. I honestly have to say that I wasn’t expecting to really like it, but I really did. It was a pretty good book.

Nick was an amazing main character. I really liked him. Elsa was also a sweet girl for the main girl character. I was confused for a while about Elsa, though. I didn’t understand her past. I mean, Herne didn’t explain it until the last few chapters. So I would have to say that I wish Herne had explained that sooner.

I am super excited for the next book about Trey. As soon as I heard about him, I really wanted to read his story. Let’s be honest with each. As soon as I heard that he was a country music star, I wanted to read his story. But, enough about him! We will save that for the next book.

The cover was pretty nice. It should have had two girls on the cover, not one. Nick has two little girls, not one. But, I do understand why Herne wanted that because she focused on one girl. So, two stars to you.

The book was very good. I probably wouldn’t read it again, but I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes a good western contemporary novel. I will give this book three stars. (Well, I wish I could give it 3 1/2 stars but I can’t do that because I don’t do half a stars.)


Title: Home on the Range

Author: Ruth Logan Herne

Author’s Website:http://ruthloganherne.com/index.html


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

This review is written in my own opinions and words.


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