Write 31 Days Challenge ~ Day 27

Since I just went shopping, I decided to do a shopping prompt!


Writing Prompt 27:

Do you like shopping? For clothes? For regular food?


What I Did with It:

Yes, I do like shopping. I like shopping for clothes and for regular food. Call me strange; I don’t care. I am a weird person, and I know it.

Well, I like shopping for clothes, but only if I am shopping for myself. I mean, I sometimes don’t even buy clothes. I just like trying them on! It is the best thing. I mean, find a cute shirt, skirt, or something and just try it on. You will love it!

As for food, I like shopping for the “fun” stuff, especially around the holidays. Whenever we are doing sugar cookies or having an ice cream party or anything like that, shopping is amazing!

Besides, it gives me the exercise!

So, yes, in short, I love shopping!


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