Write 31 Days Challenge ~ Day 25

Wow! I can’t believe there are only seven more days until Halloween. That is just too weird. And, I can’t believe there are only 13 more days until my birthday. And, I can’t believe there are 61 more days until Christmas. I AM SO EXCITED!!! (If you can’t tell). Anyway, all these countdowns inspired this writing prompt.


Writing Prompt 25:

When is a time that you have been super excited about something? A birthday? A holiday? When?


What I Did with It:

There are lots of times when I am excited. There is no doubt about that. I get excited a lot, if you honestly can’t tell. And, let’s be real, I am sure you all know I am sometimes a little crazy when I get excited about things. Like when I said 61 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

It wasn’t Thanksgiving. It wasn’t my birthday. And it wasn’t exactly Christmas. It was the shopping for Christmas.

Most people might think that because I am a teenager I would be lazy and save my Christmas shopping until last minute. Nope. That is definitely not me. I am already planning all my Christmas shopping. Because, I have a big family; I have to plan early. But, I can’t write about a certain year. It is every year. As you know from one of my earlier writing prompts, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I wrote why in the What I Did with It. But, the times when I am most excited during the Christmas season (besides Christmas Eve) is when I am starting my Christmas planning. It is just so fun to plan what I am going to get people. Every year, I want to start my shopping way to early. The only reason I can’t is because I share a room with my two sisters (so basically nothing can be hidden). So, I have to wait until we have our tree up so I can wrap the presents right away and put them under the tree.

So, yeah, I rambled, but I don’t care.

And, another thing I am excited for is…putting our Christmas tree up! (We are going to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving!) Yay!



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