Write 21 Days Challenge ~ Day 22

Writing Prompt 22:

What is your favorite holiday, and what do you love about it?


What I Did with It:

As I thought about this, I realized that over ALL holidays, Christmas is the one I am most excited about. I love it because everyone gets together, usually. Also, it is a very pretty holiday. Setting up the tree is a once in a year thing. And each year, I have to think about what presents t give to whom and if I should do a theme or everything random. I thik my favorite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning. We all go downstairs and listen to A Christmas Carol. Then, the kids all set up sleeping bags and sleep! I usually am the one to get up the earliest, except for my younger sister. Then we sit around the tree, read the Christmas story, and then…present time! This does not usually have a certain time. Some year is it short and some long. But there is the seeing of the people opening up their presents or jokes getting passed around. And, it is Jesus’ birthday! Those are the reasons I LOVE Christmas.


The “What I Did with It” was actually written on December 27, 2015!!


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