Write 31 Days Challenge ~ Day 21

Writing Prompt 21:

What was the last thing you read, heard, or saw that inspired you?


What I Did with It:

It actually is the weirdest thing. My sisters, Mom, and I like to hike to waterfalls when we are vacation. So the biggest thing that I saw that inspired me was a waterfall. Don’t get me wrong. There a millions of things that inspire me.

I will tell you the one that just inspired me and the one inspired me a lot.

The one that inspired me a lot was a waterfall. My sisters, Mom, and I stopped at a roadside park to see a small waterfall. I saw it and it was like “Boom!” That waterfall inspired a whole chapter of my book! Literally!!

The thing that I was just inspired by was a picture. I was doing a family picture session for my neighbors. The fall colors are amazing right now! So I took a picture of a really red tree. It inspired a poem! I will have to post the poem sometime…


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