Write 31 Days Challenge ~ Day 17 + Guide Me Home

Writing Prompt 17:

What kinds of items fill your bookshelf?

What I Did with It:

Books, books, and more books. Yup! That is pretty much it. My sisters and I share a room, and since we all love books, our bookshelf covers pretty much a whole wall. It is sweet!

The books that are on the bookshelf only include our favorites, or ones we thought were worth buying. I check a lot of books out from the library because why buy a book if you don’t think it is good?!

The bookshelf also includes some little decorations, such as boxes full of random things, a piano jewelry box, and some other random stuff.

It is really funny because a lot of the books on our bookshelf are either by Lori Wick or Janette Oke. Sure, there are a lot of other authors sitting up on the shelves, but it just seems like they have the most.

Every so slowly, I have been adding to my collection of books on the shelf. The books that I bought most recently included A Match Made in Texas, Catching Katie, A Tailor Made Bride, and a few others.

Guide Me Home

Working in the massive cave might allow Rebekah the chance to bring joy back to her family.
But will it claim more than it gives?
After tragedy leaves its mark on Rebekah Hardin s family, she plans to help her parents and six siblings honor her beloved brother s memory and alleviate their poverty by working as a guide in the dangerous cave system. Kentucky s renowned Mammoth Cave presents profitable opportunities in for hardworking, capable”men.” But Rebekah is determined and if it means presenting herself as a”himself,” then she s up to the job.
Under the wing of experienced guide Tolly Sanford, Reb begins to learn the complexities of the cave and the two are joined by an aspiring young cartographer, Devlin Bale.
The university student has traveled to the hill country to map tunnels not to fall for a girl in disguise. Can the God who designed miles of underground astonishment shape Devlin s ambitious plans and free Reb from the weight from the past?

 Guide me Home.jpg

The story had potential. I have to say that. Honestly, that is why I picked up this book. The back cover blurb looked super interesting! That is why I wanted to review it! But, I was disappointed–not slightly but fully disappointed.

First of all, I wasn’t impressed with the characters. I absolutely despised Cissy. I wanted to talk to her and teach her a lesson or two. Rebekah and Devlin were fine, but their story wasn’t really developed. It was like…they meet each other. They like each other. You know what happens next. And, guess what? That thing that you thought would happen didn’t even happen! What? You say. Yup, it’s true.

The whole plot wasn’t even intriguing. I didn’t get it. In my opinion, there was not plot.

To be honest, I can’t even think of one good thing about this book.

I am so sorry to be giving this bad review, but that is what I have to do. I have said I will do honest reviews. That is what I am doing.

The cover was okay, not my favorite but not bad. 2 stars.

As for the book, once again 1 star. It is not worth reading, in my opinion. I hope that Sawyer’s other books are better.


Title: Guide Me Home

Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer

Author’s Website: http://www.kimvogelsawyer.com/


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

This review is written in my own opinions and words.


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