Write 31 Days Challenge ~ Day 16

Okay, so right now I am in a TV series kick. So! I decided to do a writing prompt about it!!!


Writing Prompt 16:

What is your favorite TV series?


What I Did with It:

Oh, boy, this is a hard one. Actually, no it isn’t. There is no doubt about it. My favorite TV series is…AHHH! I don’t know. But, I have a two favorite TV series!

When Calls the Heart and Merlin are my top two favorite shows. I absolutely love them!

Actually, the fourth season of When Calls the Heart will start showing in December/New Year, not sure the exact day. But I can not wait!!!


As for Merlin, it is not showing any more. I am so sad about that. But still, I will definitely be watching this series for as long as I live!!!


Reasons I love both of these shows:

#1. The plots are amazing


#2. The characters are AMAZING!!!


(Unofficial reason) #3. Some of the actors are hot!!!


So, there you go! Those are my two favorite TV shows!


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