Write 31 Days Challenge ~ Day 9

Well! I am back home now from my mini vacation! My seven hour car ride is what inspired me to create today’s writing prompt!


Writing Prompt 9:

What do you like to do when you are in car rides? Obviously, if you are not the driver.


What I Did with It:

Read and write. Those are my two favorite things to do during car rides. But, I also listen to book on CDs, as well as watch movies.

For this vacation, I mostly just listened to book on CDs with my Mom. My sister watched Star Wars 7. The three books that we listened to/partially listened to are From the Mixed-Up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler, The Secret of the Old Clock, and Mark of the Thief. Actually, we only had to finished From the Mixed-Up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg, so that only took about a half an hour. Next, we listed to The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene. Yes, you heard me right. We listened to the first and original Nancy Drew book. To be honest, it was pretty good. Actually, we listened to both of those books on our way to vacation. On our way back home, we listened to Mark of the Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen. We only listened to half of it, though, because it is, I think, eleven hours. So, we are on disk four! A good thing for me is that I have already read Mark of the Thief. My mom hadn’t so we decided to listen to it. Jennifer Nielsen rocks! I love her Ascendance Trilogy!

So, that is what I did for the trip up to my vacation this time. Many other times I have just read books or listened to music or watched movies.

What do you do?


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