Write 31 Days Challenge ~ Day 8

​Day 8: 

Well, since I am on a mini vacation, I have decided to do a vacation prompt!!!

Writing Prompt 8: 

You are on the middle of nowhere. Big fields in every directions. Your car dies. What happens and what do you do? 

What I Did with It:

“Seriously!” I groan and put my head on the steering wheel. I pull my cell phone put of my back pocket and look to see if I could call my dad. Nope. No signals.

I unbuckle and open up the car door. Looking up and down the paved road, I see no one coming in either direction. 

“All right,” I say to myself and put my hands on my hips. I walk to the other side of the car and open up the passenger door. Searching through the glove box, I find the owner’s manual. 

I do my best to find a ‘map’ of the engine. Opening up the front hood, I stare at the engine for a moment. I was totally lost.

I hear a car coming my way. I jump at turn around. The person waves at me and pulls over. 

“Need help?” A girl looks at me through the window. “Car trouble?”

I nod, “Yes, please.”

She jumps out of her truck and walks to me. She holds out her hand. “Nice to meet you.” She smiles brightly. “And lucky for you, I know cars. My old baby has needed repairs many times.” She gestures to her truck. “What happened?”

“I don’t honestly know. My car just died.” I shrug. 

“Mind if I look?” She points to the engine.

“Go ahead,” I take a step aside.

After a  few minutes, she fixs the car and the engine began running.

“Thank you,” I smile. “You are a life saving.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she shrugs. “I like to help out when I can.”


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