Write 31 Days ~ Day 5 + Coldwater Warm Hearts Club

Just today, I got a great comment. Linda Ann from the Nickers and Ink Poetry and Humor blog said that she loves to combine multiple writing prompt to create poetry. This comment inspired me to do a poetry prompt today.

Writing Prompt 5:

Write a poem about a different reality.


What I Did with It:

In a World of My Own

Reality spun around me as I opened my book;

People called my name but I did not hear a sound.

The words of the world were a chance I took,

But the heart of the story was what I found.


The sun rose brightly in the distant blue sky,

The rays of yellow light shone down on me,

The pink of the heavens chose to fly,

And the green of the earth was for all to see.


I was in a world that I could not comprehend

Full of magic and wonders and so many dreams.

This was finally where I could always pretend

To be what I wanted and to feel how right it seems.


Knights in shining armor fought for their loves,

Damsels in distress pleaded for their lives,

Peasants walked the streets, through bustles and shoves,

And kings and queens reigned, being royal and wise.


A flash of light awoke me from my trance;

I felt around me to see reality break free.

I was once again in the world not of chance,

But in the world where I had the key.


I had held the key many a times,

Though not realizing or believing it

Words could transport me to many finds

Of books and worlds, where my key would fit.


Actually, this poem is a poem that I entered into a poetry contest. Unfortunately, I did not place, but I still enjoyed writing this poem. So, yeah, yeah, this is an older poem, but still I am pretty proud of it. Sorry about the weird spacing. I am not sure how to fix that. Hope you still can read it!


The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club review

The lake is crystal blue, the hills roll for miles, and breaking news travels via the Methodist prayer chain. But don’t let the postcard fool you. Coldwater Cove, Oklahoma, leavens its small-town charm with plenty of Ozark snark.
For Lacy Evans, returning to flyover country is the definition of failure. She had everything she wanted—an award-winning design firm, a chic city condo, a handsome, aristocratic almost-fiancé. Then her boyfriend ran off with her receptionist and her clients’ money. Now she’s out of business and crashing on her parents’ couch. When she slides into a booth at the Green Apple Grill, she’s feeling lower than a worm’s belly.
But Lacy’s old classmate Jacob Tyler is happy to see her. Coldwater’s football hero came back from Afghanistan short part of a leg and some peace of mind, but he’s counting his blessings, and Lacy could be one of them. Then there’s her ex, Daniel, wearing a sheriff’s badge and a wedding ring, but looking like young summer love. And a host of unlikely serendipities: the selfless do-gooders who sneak around taming curmudgeons and constructing second chances. The Fighting Marmots. The sprawling, take-no-prisoners Bugtussle clan.
Lacy thought she knew her hometown, and herself. She just wanted to get on her feet and keep running. But the longer she stays, the more she finds to change her mind. . .

 The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club.jpg

Before I go any further into my review, I have to thank someone. Thank you so much, Lexi Eddings, for sending your book my way for me to review it! I was super excited when you contacted me, like…I freaked out. You are the first author to contact me to ask if I would like to review your book!

Now for my actual review!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would I enjoy it? Would I not? Well, I am happy to say that I did enjoy it very much!

Jacob and Lacy were just perfect together. I absolutely loved the fact that Jacob was the cook at the Green Apple Grill! What can get better than a man who cooks? Lacy was pretty cool too. I have to admit that I liked Jacob better than Lacy, but both were cool.

There was one downfall though. Daniel. I wished there were either more about him or less about him. Get what I mean? I wished that he either had his own story or was just a side character. So, pretty much what I mean to say is I wish that it stayed in just Jacob’s and Lacy’s point of view.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. If I am assuming correctly, I think it will be about Heather.

The cover deserves five stars. I absolutely love it! The whole reflection is awesome! I love the lake and the reflection!

As for the book, I would like to give it…4 stars!!!


Title: The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club

Author: Lexi Eddings

Author’s Website: http://lexieddings.blogspot.com/p/mainpage.html


This review is written in my own words and opinions.


Wow! That was a long post! Hope I didn’t overwhelm you!


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