Write 31 Days Challenge ~ Day 1 + Introduction

Before I begin my Write 31 Days Challenge (http://write31days.com/), I have a few announcements to make. First things first, starting October 1st and ending October 31st, I will not be doing any book reviews unless I get a book from a publishing company and it is required. I will be only focusing on the Write 31 Days Challenge, unless for the exception I stated above.

Second, you probably already know what theme I will be focusing on for this challenge so I do not even need to state it. But, I will anyway. Throughout the next 31 days, each day, I will make up a writing prompt and then spend some time writing about that writing prompt–if that makes sense. The title of my challenge is 31 Writing Prompts and What I Did with Them.

Writers’ block is a writer’s worst enemy. My goal is to stop that. Even if you are not working on that certain important project, you will be writing somehow.

Some days my prompt will be a picture (because I absolutely love photography), a sentence, a word, or whatever I feel like (because I am random like that)!

And, I encourage all of you who are reading my blog and who like writing to totally post in the comments what you did with one of my prompts, if you use one at all!

Every day, I will write a new post as a part of my regular blog, but on this page (https://covertocoverandeverythinginbetween.wordpress.com/write-31-days-challenge-2016/) I will add my prompt every day so there will just be one big collection of the 31 prompts.  So instead of looking back through all of the other posts, there will be a page just for this challenge!

So, in short, I am ditching my reviews and adding my prompts. Get it? Got it? Good!

Enough about what I am going to be doing this month. I had better get started! Today is October 1st. May I just say…Let the challenge begin!


Writing Prompt One:

Once upon a time…


What I Did with It:

Once upon a time there were three little girls who lived in a big castle. They lived on a long road all by themselves. One day, they were really bored so they decided to go on an adventure. Slowly, the three girls walked outside. They heard something groaning a little ways away. They ran towards the noise, not knowing that it could be dangerous. But, what they found making the noise was a garbage truck. It was stuck in the mud, but it would not give up. So it kept trying and trying to get unstuck. The three girls decided that this was their adventure. They were supposed to help the garbage truck. Running around to the back of the truck, they each started pushing the garbage truck out of the mud. Inch by inch, push by push, the garbage truck became unstuck. Being so happy about being free, the garbage truck gave each girl a chest of gold. Each girl then thanked the wonderful truck and waved at it as it drove away. They lived happily ever after.


Okay, so, a little background about this writing prompt and what I did with it. I love fairy tales so I thought it would be cool to start my 31 writing prompts with how fairy tales start. And, just a little heads up, my last writing prompt on Day 31, will be “And they lived happily ever after.” But, back to what I did with the writing prompt. Just a few hours ago, I was babysitting two little girls. One of them had to take a nap so I had to read her a story. We couldn’t find an actual book so I decided to make one up. The above paragraph is the story I told her. I didn’t really expect to add a garbage truck into the story, but she kept saying ‘garbage truck’ so I just added one into the story!



5 thoughts on “Write 31 Days Challenge ~ Day 1 + Introduction

  1. Linda Ann - Nickers and Ink Poetry and Humor says:

    Glad to find you!
    I just joined the 31 day challenge (with my Nickers and Ink poetry site). I am playing a little catch-up.
    I have a couple of blog prompt sites (Meme Express and Simply Snickers), posting weekly (or nearly so). And I love to combine multiple prompts to create poetry.
    Glad to make this connection!


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