Forever Doon

With the witch of Doon on the throne, Jamie believed dead, and Duncan and Mackenna trapped in Alloway, Veronica has no choice but to put her grief aside and prepare her remaining followers for the impending battle against the false queen and her forces. But while on a covert mission to steal a powerful elixir from the castle, Veronica discovers her true love may actually be alive, and fighting a battle of his own.
With the Brig o’ Doon destroyed and the portal fragmented, Doon’s forces are not only divided, but also isolated in different dimensions. With the help of a storyteller as ancient as the witch herself, Kenna and Duncan learn they must rebuild the bridge to have any chance of crossing back into Doon with their ragtag army. But when Mackenna insists on fighting as well, Duncan soon realizes the only way he can ensure her safety is to turn her into a cold-hearted killer.
For Vee, Jamie, Kenna, and Duncan, saving their kingdom while keeping their lives intact will take a miracle.

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My oh my! I can’t believe the Doon series has ended. True, it went on for four books, but still! This series is very awesome.

Well, I can’t say that this whole series was awesome. To be honest, I have only read the first two books and then this one. But, I am going to be reading Shades of Doon in a matter of days. So, yeah, I have to say that reading the fourth book in the Doon without reading the third book was kind of confusing.

Either way, I made it through, prepared to give it a very good amount of stars.

Not to be biased or anything like that, but I loved Jamie and Veronica’s story. True, I loved Jamie in general but that doesn’t really matter. I still liked Duncan and Mackenna’s story too.

So! I overall really enjoyed reading this series. To be perfectly truthful, I do not know that much about the actual Brig o’ Doon story. Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon, though, did a wonderful job explaining everything.

Time to rate the cover. Hmm, let me think for a moment before I do. Aha! I have it! I would like to give Forever Doon’s book cover three stars!

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for…I would like to give this book four stars! It is a wonderful book–intriguing, romantic, and awesome, all at the same time!


Title: Forever Doon

Author: Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Doon’s Website:


I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program.

This review is written in my own opinions and words.


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