The Trouble with Cowboys

Only one pair of boots – and the cowboy wearing them – can get Annie out of the mess she’s in.

Annie Wilkerson is Moose Creek’s premiere horse trainer and equine columnist for Montana Living. Money is tight as she tries to put her kid-sister through college and provide for her young nephew. When Annie’s column is cancelled, she’s given first shot at a new lovelorn column – and she can’t afford to turn it down. Only problem is…Annie’s never been in love.

Always resourceful, she reluctantly strikes a deal with the town’s smooth-talking ladies’ man Dylan Taylor: She’ll work with his ailing horse, Braveheart, if he’ll help her answer the reader letters.

Working closely with Dylan is harder than Annie imagined, and she quickly realizes she may have misjudged him. But her unwavering conviction that cowboys are nothing but trouble has kept her heart safe for years. And she can’t risk getting hurt now.

The more Annie tries to control things, the more they fall apart. Her feelings are spinning out of control, and her sister’s antics are making life increasingly more difficult. Annie knows she needs to turn the reins over to God, but surrender has never come easily.

When Dylan reveals his feelings for her, Annie doesn’t know what to trust – her head or her heart. The trouble with this cowboy is that he might just be exactly what she needs.

The Trouble with Cowboys

I honestly don’t know how I should write this review. So, here we go:

To be honest, I didn’t really overall enjoy reading this book. The first half of the book was very good, but during the second half I started to get really mad at the characters.

First things first, I don’t get why Annie kept dating a guy that Dylan nicknamed “Spreadsheet.” Sure, Spreadsheet was pretty nice, but Annie liked Dylan! Why would she stay with a boring guy?! I honestly and truly didn’t get that. Ugh!

There also was the matter of Annie trying to run her sister’s life. Seriously, girl! Your sister is like…in her twenties. She can do what she wants. You might not approve, and you can tell her that. But don’t boss her around like she is a baby.

As for Dylan, I really liked him. Personally, I didn’t think that Annie deserved him. He is just that fun-loving cowboy.

So, I am sorry to say that I am going to give this book 2 stars. This is very hard for me because I don’t like giving books bad ratings. That is just my opinion.

As for the cover, I would like to give it a rating of two stars also. I just wasn’t very impressed with it.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to be the first and last book by Denise Hunter that I ever read. It may just be that I picked the ‘unfortunate’ book. I will definitely try reading more of her books!


Title: The Trouble with Cowboys

Author: Denise Hunter

Author’s Website:


This review is written in my own opinions and words.


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