Great Girls in Michigan History

A deep-sea diver, a dancer, an activist, an aviator, a singer, and a soldier-“Great Girls in Michigan History” highlights some of the girls from Michigan’s past who did amazing things before they turned twenty years old. Author Patricia Majher presents easy-to-read mini-biographies of twenty girls with ties to Michigan, representing a variety of personal backgrounds and interests, locations across the state, and historical time periods.
Majher introduces little-known stories, like those of female aviator Nancy Harkness (Love), pioneer Anna Howard Shaw, escaped slave Dorothy Butler, professional baseball player Marilyn Jenkins, union leader Myra Komaroff (Wolfgang), and Native American writer Jane Johnston (Schoolcraft). She also includes figures that many readers will recognize-including First Lady Betty Bloomer (Ford), jockey Julie Krone, Motown star Diana Ross, and tennis champion Serena Williams. Majher shows that while life wasn’t always easy for these girls, they were able to overcome any number of obstacles to achieve their goals. “Great Girls in Michigan History” includes a brief section on each girl’s life after the age of twenty and a glossary of selected vocabulary words at the end of the book.
With its depictions of young women who have not typically been represented in history texts, this book will be inspirational reading for upper elementary school students (ages 8 to 12) and welcomed by Michigan schools, bookstores, and public libraries.


Since I have not done a non-fiction book review yet, I would like to do one now.

Even though it is not an adult book and it is more for elementary aged kids, I found it really interesting. I mean, even though I am a teenager, kids books are still fun to read just as an ‘easy’ read. It was also very interesting because I am a girl, and I was reading about girls!

It is amazing to read about all of the women who lived in Michigan and did awesome things. I mean, if I would have been asked, “Who is one famous woman who lived in Michigan?” I would have drawn a blank! I would  have had no idea. Now I know of many!

I am glad I read this book, even though it was in the ‘kid’s’ section. I really enjoyed reading about women in Michigan history!

I would rate this book with 4 stars!


Title: Great Girls in Michigan History

Author: Patricia Majher

Author’s Website: N/A


This review was written in my own opinions and words.


One thought on “Great Girls in Michigan History

  1. Carrie Fancett Pagels says:

    As a former Michigander, with a number of books, and upcoming releases set in Michigan, I would love to read this book! I subscribe to the Michigan Historical magazine and love the stories they share! Thanks for this post!


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